How to choose hand cream tube

The frequency of hand cream in autumn and winter is relatively high, because the weather is relatively dry, which causes the skin to lack water, so the skin on hands will become dry, uncomfortable and peeling phenomenon is relatively serious due to lack of water. Therefore, one of the basic functions of hand cream is to replenish water for the skin on hands and keep the skin moist.


How to choose a good hand cream? 

1)Choose Repair hand cream

We generally call hand cream housewife hand creams. Most of their textures are thick and moisturizing. They can provide common hand skin problems for housewives, such as dryness, itching, roughness and peeling.


2)Choose a hand cream suitable for your skin

Hand Cream has many functions. It can soften cutin, tighten and repair, moisten and replenish water. Hand cream containing frosted or urea has a very good effect on softening cutin, preventing rough and dry skin and keeping moist. Hand cream containing natural repair ingredients can keep moisture, nourish and tighten hand skin, repair damaged skin and enhance elasticity. Hand cream containing natural vegetable oil can supplement more water and effectively protect both hands, thus making both hands more tender, smooth and moist.


Quickly pick up your hand cream and apply it to make your hands more nourishing and soft!

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Post time: Aug-05-2022