Welcome to our world of cosmetic tube customization!

We are a professional provider of custom cosmetic tube services with over 15 years of experience and advanced equipment, committed to delivering high-quality custom cosmetic tube solutions for our clients.

Our customization process is simple and comprehensive, offering a one-stop service to ensure you receive the perfect custom cosmetic tubes.

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Communication & Requirement Confirmation


We value our communication with you, and through phone calls, emails, or online chats, we will discuss the details and confirm your customization requirements.

Specifications & Design Choices

We offer a variety of cap options and styles, and we develop molds based on product characteristics and preferences. If the mold is new and special, it may require 30 days or longer.
Sizes: 19mm-50mm
Colors: Pantone
Materials: PE, ABL, PBL, PCR, Green PE, etc
Caps: Screw caps, flip caps, pump heads, acrylic caps, and functional caps, etc.

Customization 2
Customization 3

Sample Production


Samples will be produced within approximately 10 working days, and samples that pass quality testing will be sent to you via international courier


Provide your design artwork or refer to our designer's proposals. Once the design is finalized and confirmed, our advanced printing technology team will create a tailored printing solution for your products, ensuring a seamless fit with your brand image. 

Printing Techniques: silk-screen printing, offset printing, and hot stamping, label,etc.

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Customization 5

Production & Processing

We have advanced production equipment and experienced staff to ensure the precise manufacturing of tubes. From tube molding and sealing to cap assembly, we strictly control each processing step to ensure product quality.

If needed, we can also provide additional processing services such as labeling and tin sealing to meet your specific requirements for customized cosmetic tubes.

Packaging & Delivery 

We provide multiple packaging options, including bulk and carton packaging. Based on your requirements, we will carefully package the products to ensure safe transportation and intact delivery.

We collaborate with reliable logistics partners to ensure timely delivery and provide logistics services.

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