Tacit cooperation!More tube packaging orders are coming

2022 is a surprising and exciting year. Not only our old clients are enlarging their quantity for tube packaging order, but also more and more new customers attend to Runfang. Our cooperation with customers is becoming more and more tacit. However, we need to handle more and more orders, how to save time and work effectively?

1.Make the design drawings, confirm the color card number of Pan Tong, or prepare the product samples and send them to us. If you need us to send samples to you, you can contact us directly, tell us the address and phone number, confirm the sample style, when we see the information, we can directly prepare the samples, which can save a lot of time.

2.Confirm the details and size of the product, so that when we process your order, we can directly produce according to your requirements, which can shorten our delivery time. Dear friends, you can receive the goods in advance, I think it is better.

Dear friends, I believe that we will have more and more tacit cooperation in the future. We are not only partners, but also good friends.

Post time: Aug-17-2022