Cosmetic Tube Injection Head Expert— red robot

The 21st century is the age of machine is changed, the restaurant have robots, unmanned aircraft and cars, now many factories are semi-automatic production, while it's still need artificial auxiliary, but believe in the near future will achieve intelligent machines all the era, some professions can realize the liberation of human hands, but we can't rely too much on the artificial intelligence, so at some point,Some decisions still need to be made by humans.

Cosmetic Tube
Cosmetic Tube2

Our factory from cosmetics bottles workshop, injection molding or cosmetic tube packaging workshop has been achieved between tank car half automation, so that more efficient, daily production capacity on the bigger picture of red robot, is our company's new purchases for cosmetic tube head injection machine, besides change mould need artificial, from take a tube into the mold to the injection head is removed from a mold after the completion of the machines,Although bottles, hoses and cans are all involved in our factory, we actually produce a lot of cosmetic tubes. Due to the slow processing of some parts, sometimes the delivery time will be delayed. Now we have bought this automatic machine, which can improve the efficiency of injection head.

Cosmetic Tube1

This machine is more efficient than traditional injection head machine, because the traditional note head machine need some tooling and tube to tube, workers will be very tired one day, the efficiency will be more and more low, so that reduces the capacity, can cause not timely delivery, so our company in artificial injection head at the same time the introduction of the machine, to improve efficiency, can let the workers don't be so tired when the cargo.

Post time: Nov-08-2022